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DONDO PUBLICATIONS Dondo publications was founded in 2010 with the purpose to maximise marketing for both individuals and businesses. Below is the company history. Mr Dondo “Ezekiel”Dithebe is a professional workplace trainer and facilitator, Librarian, community worker and Life Coach. Who cut his teeth during his student days as a political activist in the late eighties as a youngster. Through that activism he was recruited into the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania in exile Dar- es- Salaam, Republic of Tanzania. Under the P.A.C and its military wing he underwent both political and military training in several countries such as Guinea – Conakry, Libya, Zimbabwe and Lesotho. My life in exile gave him exposure had great exposure that impacted on his life in general that resulted in him adopting and practising Ubuntu ethos and values in his association with business associates and other individual members of society.

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082 977 9403

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No 185 Raven Street
Difateng Section

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